The Albert Park Golf Learning Centre is proud to boast a team of PGA qualified instructors with many years experience in improving golfers enjoyment of the game.

To book a lesson you can either book here based upon a time that suits you, or select one of our coaches and access their diary through their profile page. 

The following prices are based upon each instructors experience and availability. 

 30 mins 60 mins 6 x 30 mins 6 x 60 mins 
Baden Schaff$85$160$459$864
Ben Hood$75$140$405$756
Craig Spence$85$160$459$864
Jamie McCallum$75$140$405$756
Kevin Webster$75$140$405$756
Michelle Becroft$75$140$405$756
Cooper Gill$75$140$405$756
Grace Lennon$75$140$405$756
Luke Mills$75$140$405$756

Several of our PGA qualified golf instructors offer junior coaching at $60 per 30 minutes.

Shared 60 minute lessons for 2 people are also available with all of our instructors.

60 mins6 x 60 mins
Baden Schaff$210
Ben Hood$190$1026
Craig Spence$210$1134
Jamie McCallum$190$1026
Kevin Webster$190$1026
Michelle Becroft$190$1026
Cooper Gill$190$1026
Grace Lennon$190$1026
Luke Mills$190$1026


Craig Spence

Baden Schaff

Ben Hood

Cooper Gill

Grace Lennon

Jamie McCallum

Kevin Webster

Luke Mills

Michelle Becroft

Rob Grant