NEW APDR Academy Coach Lisa Jean

NEW APDR Academy Coach Lisa Jean

APDR are pleased to announce the addition of Lisa Jean to our Coaching team. Lisa has an outstanding playing background having played on the Ladies European Tour for 6 years from 2004-2010. Lisa went through the AIS Golf program and is the first female to successfully qualify for the Victorian PGA championship, playing off the men's tees.

Lisa will be available for teaching on following days and times:

Friday 7am-4pm
Saturday 7am -4pm (Not available on Saturday until July 4th)
Sunday 7am – 4pm
Monday 12pm -9.30pm

Lisa's Coaching Philosophy
Golf is a game for all ages and levels. My teaching philosophy is based on the person as everyone is unique. I believe there isn’t one way to swing a golf club. I work with the person’s natural tendencies and abilities. Golf is a great game and I like seeing my students improve and enjoy their golf.
As I have had a lot of injuries I always ask about people’s physical limitations and always strive to help them work around their incapability’s.



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