Online Lessons

Online Lessons

Use the lockdown to understand YOUR Golf swing !!

We wanted to look at other ways that we can stay connected with our APDR community and offer golf lessons without you having to venture out of the house.

Several of our PGA instructors will be offering ONLINE one on one coaching sessions, using video call platforms that can be booked via    out online diary below. 


Lessons last for 20 minutes and can be on any aspect of golf; putting, full swing, short game, the choice is yours. These types of lessons are extremely    well suited to simple improvements such as alignment, set up, grip, stance, or to clarify any questions about the swing you might have.

It is important to point out that these lessons are not designed to replicate real time lessons at a driving range, but we feel it is a great opportunity    to actually discuss your swing with your coach, increase your understanding of your swing and begin to put together a road map for when you return    to the range and course.

What you need to be prepared for your personal online lesson 

  1. A golf club either putter, iron or driver if you have the room
  3. Your smart phone/device with a video calling platform
  5. Roughly 4 square meters of space minimum. (If inside please check your ceiling height!)
  7. Something to hit if possible (We have tried a rolled up sock or a ping pong ball or soft sponge type golf ball if you have one of these)

It is extremely important that when you book your online lesson you leave us your correct mobile number and your preferred platform for video contact, e.g. WhatsApp, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, ect.
We have tested several platforms and found that WhatsApp has a function within their video call where we can enlarge either our self camera or the    pupil which will help us show you clearly the correct techniques. WhatsApp is a free app available across iphone and android platforms and if needed    we can

We recommend that you use a tripod or phone holder but if you do not have this available then prop your phone up on a shelf or chair where the instructor    can see your whole movement.

We look forward to making the best use of your time while we all stay safe and socially distanced!


Craig Spence

Baden Schaff

Ben Hood

Chris Donovan

Jamie McCallum

Kevin Webster

Lisa Jean

Luke Mills

Michelle Becroft

Rob Grant

Stuart Leong